Atia mosque (Tangail,Dhaka-Bangladesh)

Atia mosque
 Atia mosque is located at Tangail district of Bangladesh. The village name is Atia and the mosque is known as Atia Jame Moshjid. This mosque is around 6 kilometers from the Tangail town under Delduar Thana. There is a small river flowing near the mosque, name is Louhojong Nodi (river). The mosque is a small one and measure around 18m by 12m. The mosque has four spherical domes at the top. One is the larger, which is located at the west part of the mosque. Other three are smaller sized and located at the east side of the mosque. All three domes are in a single row. It’s like the bigger one is the Imam, and other three are Musalli.All the domes are ornate at the bottom part and having a small minaret like object at top. The mosque has four pillars at the four corners. Each of the pillars are stylish and decorated nicely. The mosque has lovely terracotta at the outer side of east and the north side wall. Those are very simple, just few small flowers inside the circles. The mosque has three entrance at the east side, and two entrance at the north and south side each.This mosque is built during 1610 by Muslim Jomidar Sayeed Khan Panni, son of Baizid Khan Panni. He also dug a large water tank at the western side of the mosque. People says that the mosque was built for the honor of a saint Shah Baba Kashmiri. The mosque was damaged during the massive earthquake of 1800. A reconstruction of the mosque was made 1837. Also, during 1909 another reconstruction made by two Jomidar from Korotia, and Delduar of Tangail jointly. Wazed Ali Khan Panni was from Korotia, and Abu Ahmed Guznavi Khan from Delduar. The government of Bangladesh have placed this mosque at the currency of ten Taka note.


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